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Covid-19 Update:  For our safety and yours, we can not accept returns until further notice. 

Image by Cody  Chan

Show your love to your favorite GLAM Gals!

Love Month Sale

Up to 50% off of items, including GLAM apparel. 


Choose the amount and delivery date.  Gift cards will be delivered via email! 

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Polka Dot Envelopes_edited_edited.png
casual styling by Mattie's Gal

"Mattie's Gal"

Krystal A. Livingston, Owner

Mattie’s Gal, was founded in 2021 by Krystal A. Livingston, after the loss of her mother, Martha Livingston, affectionately called, “Mattie” on November 4, 2020.  Growing up attending Catholic school for most of her younger years; Krystal wore school uniforms, but she always had a way of unintentionally “glamming” them up:  a colorful brooch or pin here, a shiny piece of jewelry there; everyone admired her touches of individuality.  As a Kingdom Influencer, Krystal began to share her message that “God’s Glory can be revealed in everything...our walk, our talk, and even in our appearance.” Using her platform, she began to work with women and girls of all ages to discover/re-discover their personal style and to embody “the God in me” mentality through fashion and their outward appearance. That’s why Mattie’s Gal Boutique offers a variety of affordable, glamorous, and authentic pieces...for every “gal”...


Mattie's Gal

Rooted in the core values of empowerment, artistry and authenticity; Mattie's Gal inspires creativity in every woman seeking to define & embrace her individual personal style.  

We provide stylish, affordable, versatile accessories for every modern woman and young woman wanting to explore the “modest-glam” look.

Remember modesty doesn't have to be mundane..."every gal deserves her own glam".

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